Niagara Falls, Ontario - Summer 2008

Ah, memories.  We took the kids out to Niagara Falls, Ontario for a week in the summer of 2008 and it was one of our favorite trips.  This was back during the "point & shoot" camera days when I was in love with photography but really didn't have a hot clue what I was doing. I really think this trip marked a turning point for me, photographically, as well.  It was the first time I can remember taking photos of subject matter that did not include people some of the time. These images were all shot with a P&S camera but it was my first step into manual controls.  The camera was an Olympus SP-550UZ that had outstanding zoom and full manual controls (as well as auto to cover all bases until I learned more.)  It was what convinced me that I needed to move to a DSLR one day.

The majority of the images captured are ones that today, knowing what I know about composition, lighting and just plain decent subject matter, I'd delete.  You'll see from the photobook below that the images are SOOC (straight out of camera) with no processing applied and absolutely no selective process gone through to get rid of ones that just aren't good (let's face it... some of these photos are down right awful!)

That being said, I'm a mom and these are family memories. Regardless of the quality of the photos, they are captured for posterity and still allow me to relive some of our wonderful memories.  For that reason, I'm sharing this trip with you all - and its great for me to look back and realize just how far I've come in photography - and how much further I still have to go!

Going back into the archives is something every photographer should do as often as time allows.  In this instance, I discovered that two images I took from one of the tallest buildings in Niagara overlooking the falls, were shot close enough together to allow me to stitch them into a panorama!  At the time of shooting, I didn't even process my images, let alone understand how to do this; but as I learn more and more about the technology available to us, things like this become possible... but this opportunity would have been lost had I deleted these images back then.