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As a Realtor, I am a seasoned professional when it comes to negotiating on your behalf. As in all transactions, there is strategy and planning involved. As your hired negotiator, rest assured that your best interests are driving the negotiations!

Legals and paper trail

A real estate transaction is a complex, often multi-faceted event consuming time and energy. As your Realtor, I handle ALL the details! If you need a lawyer, a financial institution, or a home inspector – relax, I have a network of professionals at your disposal! CHECK OUT MY LINKS TO PROFESSIONALS I RECOMMEND! You are completely covered by the best in the business! Working with a real estate professional just makes 100% sense.

As a seller, I will get your home in front of every, QUALIFIED buyer on the market! The difference between what I do and the norm is the marketing strategy I employ, actively putting your home in the hands of potential buyers: I MAKE THE SALE HAPPEN

  • I use every avenue available to advertise – the latest of technologies and tried and true techniques
  • I hold open houses frequently
  • I network with other Realtor’s so to draw extra attention AND increase momentum towards your property
  • I ensure information is available 24/7 about your property on my website

Every sale is different and the approach and pricing is everything – leave this to me, this is my specialty! The “cookie cutter approach” does NOT work! I use the latest in technology to ensure the savviest buyers can access your property information with the click of a button! I maximize your sale by negotiating on your behalf and ensure that you obtain the best quality offers for your property. Selling your home is often selling your biggest asset – I understand this clearly and I treat that asset as if it is my own!

Honesty, loyalty, maximum exposure, aggressive pursuit of sales, and the power of negotiation are the strengths I bring to the table when listing your home. Don’t trust just anyone to sell your home – my clients and I have open conversations almost daily to ensure the sale is handled precisely as we’ve planned!

Call my SELL# 798-1516 anytime!

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